Which are the best Tamil crime movies 2023?

Many people prefer to watch crime movies with interesting stories regardless of their language. Nowadays, you can find numerous crime thrillers in the Tamil language with different stories. But it is also necessary to find an ideal online streaming platform to watch all these movies online. Even though there are numerous OTT platforms for movies, not all of them will have all the movies you are looking for.

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Some of the best Tamil crime movies are currently streaming on aha.

1.      Maha

The cast of Maha

Maha is a crime thriller film written and directed by U R Jameel under the production company

Etcetera Entertainment. Hansika Motwani plays the lead role in this film as, Maha. The prominent supportive characters include Silambarasan as Malik, Srikanth as ACP Vikram, Sujith Shankar, Manasvi Kottachi, etc.

The story of Maha

Maha, a single mother’s daughter, gets kidnapped by a gruesome serial killer who targets kids and murders them brutally. Even though Maha tries to get help from the police, they are not able to find the killer. The movie also revolves around Maha’s past life when she met Malik, her husband, who goes missing later. Will Maha be able to save her daughter by finding the killer? The next part of the movie is the present story that continues with her investigation.

2.      Ayngaran

The cast of Ayngaran

The film Ayngaran stars G V Prakash Kumar as Mathimaaran and Mahima Nambiar as Madhumitha. Other supporting cast includes Kaali Venkat as Ezumalai, Aruldoss, Aadukalam Naren, Hareesh Peradi, etc.

The story of Ayngaran

Ayngaran is an informative crime thriller movie that conveys the message regarding the misfortune faced by small inventors. A clever scientist Mathimaran faces many challenges by being unable to use his talent to benefit society. He later crosses paths with a gang of burglars responsible for many crimes and murders. The story then continues with his efforts to get rid of them and make use of his inventions and skills.

3.      Driver Jamuna

The cast of Driver Jamuna

The Tamil crime thriller Driver Jamuna is directed by P Kinslin and stars Aishwarya Rajesh as Jamuna. Aadukalam Naren and Kavitha Bharathi also plays lead roles in this film. Other cast members include Abhishek Kumar, Ilaya Pandi, Manikandan Rajesh, etc.

The story of Driver Jamuna

Driver Jamuna’s film mostly revolves around Jamuna and her cab – car. Jamuna, the film’s central character, becomes a cab driver with her mother’s unwillingness. The main part of the story starts when she unwittingly picks up a group of goons who threatens her and takes control of the car. The next part of the movie continues with many incidents in and around the cab. Will Jamuna be able to get rid of the goons and save herself? Watch this movie currently available on aha to know all the suspense.

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