Guide To Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an act of promoting brand through the means of internet in order to attract customers. Any act of marketing and promoting which involves the use of internet can be termed as Digital Marketing. One of the most popular examples of digital marketing is the various e-commerce sites, like- Amazon, Myntra and many more.

Advantages of Digital marketing

  • Increase in reach – Promoting and spreading awareness about the brand through internet or virtual mode is always beneficial than promoting it through newspapers. Digital marketing, thus, helps to increase reach by targeting large number of customers worldwide as the number of people surfing internet is quite high these days.
  • Increase in efficiency – Any business established through internet will be more effective as well as efficient because of its online presence. Internet presence helps to settle it in minimum time and cost. Thus, it helps to ensure optimum utilisation of resources, which eventually leads to retain efficiency.
  • No intermediaries – In case of physical mode of business, there is an involvement of middlemen/intermediary who connects the manufacturer and customer, charging a good share which leads to rise in price of the product. There is no such case in digital marketing. For example – Myntra offers large variety of products in almost every category to its customers without involvement of any middlemen.

Problems in Digital Marketing:

  • Expensive – Marketing through digital means can be a hole in pocket for companies with restricted budgets.
  • Expertise in technology – A company operating online requires the demand of employees with sharp technical skills or completes knowledge of operating computer and internet with several other skills.
  • Competition – Since companies carrying out activities virtually has been growing in large numbers, which leads in high number of competitors. Thus, companies have to deal with their fellow competitors serving on the same platform.

Impact of pandemic on digital marketing:

In the times of pandemic, when world was going through crisis and being physically next to each other was prohibited, guess how had it been possible to carry out business activities physically? That was the main era (it still is) of digital marketing, because carrying out all the activities virtually was the need of the hour.

Digital marketing has been drastically boosting since 2019, ever since lockdown happened. The covid-19 may have a negative impact on all the sectors of economy but it has a positive affect on digital marketing.